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Accademia europea di Firenze (AeF) begun its work with mobility programs over 20 years ago, in 1992, and since then it continuously improved its skills in projects management and in quality of learning processes management.

To ensure and guarantee high quality standards in the management of European mobility programs AeF, in collaboration with other international partners, AccademiaEF-Patricia-Spagna-Bartolossi-Maioli-Arredamentoproduced and implemented the Manuals “Tactic” and “T-Tactic@School” available in several languages, which you can download for free at

AeF hosts around 250 participants every year, out of which the 60% rate their experience as excellent and the 35% rate it as very good.

The main services AeF provides for a successful mobility experience in Florence are

  • Accommodation
  • Linguistic and intercultural learning paths
  • Administration and management
  • Participants' guidance
  • Tutoring
  • Evaluation & competences certification
  • Elaboration of final report
  • AeF hosts participants basically in all sectors from Art and History to Journalism, Administration, Law, Social Services, Medical Services, Architecture and Engineering, Restoration, IT, Food and Beverage, Tourism, Environmental Sciences, Graphic design and communication, Beauty and Wellness, Hair Dressing, Nursery and Education, Electronic or Mechanics, Dental hygiene, Dental prosthesis, Sales, Chemical Analysis, Chemistry and many more.

Ready to go? Discover Florence with AeF!

For further and more detailed information you can contact the coordinator of the incoming department Simone Falchi: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Our core activity is the individual tutoring of each and every participant to the achievement of his/her specific goals.

Laura-Spagna-IDIS Lab SRL1To get there we start from the goal definition, passing through the company research and the process assessment of a mobility experience. Companies are chosen according to the goals and specific needs, experiences, skills and competences of participants and not only according to Cvs or titles.
Participants for us are people, not numbers, and this is our main strength, which is reflected in participants' evaluations and feedbacks.

Our strenghts

  • 250 participants per year from Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK and Ireland, France, Finland, Romania, Cyprus, Greece
  • 60% of participants rate their personal experience as excellent
  • 35% rate the experience as very good
  • 3 to 24 weeks of workplacement for unemployed people or students
  • Study-visits for experts
  • Support to the partner in the selection of participants
  • Focus on participants' personal and professional growth
  • Video-call with each participant to define goals and expectations
  • Group meetings along the stay supporting participants to understand their role in the companies, facilitating the understanding of the labour market and its dynamics, peer learning, discussions on soft skills, support in the development of participants' autonomy
  • Monitoring and evaluation with hosting companies
  • Tailored language courses and intercultural language activities
  • Certification of participant competences

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